As a business tool, Facebook is continuously dominating the popularity contest as a key component of most content marketing strategies. However, due to continuously increased competition, you may find yourself struggling to constantly come up with new content and fresh ideas for your company or brand’s Facebook page.

Although it’s tempting to just write up some content, find a cute image, and post away, approaching Facebook with some strategy will improve your chances of actually engaging in valuable conversations with your audience and customers.

Here are 10 simple marketing tips to will help you increase engagement on Facebook:

  1. Optimize your page: You will be surprised finding out that you might not get engagement because your page simple does not look professional. If you use blurry or weirdly cropped profile and cover pictures and you don’t provide sufficient information about your page, chances are that you wont get someone’s attention.

  2. Ask questions: Question posts on Facebook get on average 100% more comments as they leave the door open for engagement and interaction.

  3. Use unique captivating images: Photos receive 53% more likes on Facebook as they grab the attention of the user. But remember to create images based on the Social Media Image Sizes Guidelines.

  4. Share videos within Facebook: Sharing videos on Facebook can be a great way to get more engagement especially when the video is viral-worthy.

  5. Ask for engagement: Posts that have a call-to-action, such as asking for a like, comment, or share, actually see an increased engagement by 48%.

  6. Be human: People do not relate with products or services but with the people behind the brand. A great post would be a personalized video under the headline “a day at [your company’s name]. Another idea is to show photos of the CEO or Founder doing something totally normal. Maybe there’s a birthday in the office? Snap a picture of that.

  7. Timing is everything: Analyze your insights on your Facebook Page and observe when your community is online. Use it as a guide and then start testing to see when people tend to be most responsive and when you get more reach.

  8. Post what your audience engages with the most: Step 1: Try it all! Honestly, you wont know what your audience engages with most if you don’t make some tests. Step 2: Notice what they are enjoying the most and then post more of that.

  9. Keep the posts simple: Facebook posts with less than 80 characters get 23% more engagement. Posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more engagement.

  10. Analyze your Page’s Insights: The activities, posts, comments, and any other type of engagement you encounter on your brand’s Facebook page, offer valuable data for you to consider. You can see what kind of content your audience responds to, what kind of content they ignore, and therefore what content you should put your efforts into.

​Good luck :)

If you still encounter low engagement on your Facebook page, get in touch with us! We will be happy to give you some valuable advices!