At a time when “mobile-first” is no longer a suggestion, but a reality, businesses need to think seriously about mobile advertising. This new infographic from Website Builder provides an overview of the vast potential of mobile marketing and advertising.

Where Are Mobile Users Most Likely to Spend Their Time? 

If you want to target mobile users, it makes sense to drive your ads to the platforms they’re using, right?

Users are only spending about half of their “news entertainment” engagement time on mobile (the other half is desktop), so targeting mobile ads to these types of apps and sites may not be the best strategy.

For comparison, 94% of all time spent in maps is on mobile, making map-related apps an excellent place to focus your mobile marketing and advertising efforts. Photo apps, online gaming, and social networking are other mobile-heavy platforms that are great for marketers to focus on.

Who Are the Key Adopters?

Restaurants, Travel & Hospitality and Media/Entertainment are the only sectors that can boast an 80% mobile site adoption rate. (Government sites are at the other end of the spectrum with a 50% adoption rate.) If your business is in one of these top three sectors, a mobile site is absolutely critical (though we would say a mobile-first site is critical for any business).

Should You Have a Mobile Website or App?

While a mobile website is essential, an app can be a great add-on to consider.

A few key benefits:

  • Users spend 18x more time in-app than on mobile websites
  • Apps have a slightly higher click-through rate than mobile sites (0.58% v. 0.23%)
  • Users browse 286% more products in apps than on mobile websites
  • 85% of mobile users say they feel more at ease with apps than mobile websites

That said, research has shown that while people do spend more time in apps, only a small number of apps see regular use, which is also worth taking into account.

When It Comes to Mobile Advertising…

Test, test, test. Whether you use Twitter cards, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google search ads, or any other platform, stay open to experimenting with different formats. Use one or many platforms – just make sure mobile is a key component.

  • Mobile ads make up 79% of Facebook’s business.
  • 5% of Google’s net global ad revenues came from mobile internet ads in 2016.
  • Mobile is expected to account for 58% of all internet advertising in 2018.

Don’t Forget Email

Lastly, don’t forget to tweak your email campaigns so that they, too, are mobile-first - after all, 69% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, and mobile open-rates (50%) have officially surpassed desktop open-rates (33%). Keep your emails brief and easy to read on mobile. Add some fun with emojis, low-file-size GIFs, video links and more.

Check out the full infographic below for more statistics and strategic tips.