For most businesses, regardless of their size, marketing often comes as a big question mark, as it is an ever-evolving field and is quite hard to keep up with the new trends.

So, let’s see 29 + 1 ideas to market effectively your business on a small budget:

  1. Get online: Create a Facebook page and create engaging content to get people excited about your products/services. Struggling to get engagement? Read here 10 powerful tips to increase engagement
  2. Build your email list and send out newsletters. Email marketing generates great ROI and is the most cost effective and revenue-driving online channel.
  3. Share your website with friends, family and acquaintances and ask them to share it with people they believe they might benefit from your products and/or services.
  4. Have your business listed as your place of work on your personal Facebook profile, and make sure it is publicly visible too.
  5. Invest on post-purchase experience: Many businesses believe that effective marketing ends when the customer makes the purchase. Make your customers feel special by adding a bit “WOW” to their post-purchase experience either by attaching a nice hand-written thank you note to the package or sending them a thank you mail. They will be happy for having done business with you and chances are that they will communicate it with their friends.
  6. Create unique and memorable business cards. Give you prospect customers a reason not to throw away that card.
  7. Increase your email list by offering a freebie in exchange. E.g. A free pdf, a coupon or discount code for their next purchase, free membership, tips etc.
  8. Give a talk, attend networking events or guest post on someone else’s website or blog. Be social!
  9. Write interesting blog posts and keep in mind SEO tips to get more traffic.
  10. Pin photos of your products to Pinterest.
  11. Register your business with Google My Business and Google+ and increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search engine results pages.
  12. Create an online campaign to grow your business’s exposure.
  13. Attend conferences. Have outstanding business cards (see tip 6) or brochures ready. Don’t forget to tweet during the conference using their branded hashtags.
  14. Interact and engage in relevant Facebook groups with professional in your industry. This will enhance your reputation in the field.
  15. Have a friend who works at the local newspaper or news? Send your products for coverage.
  16. Update your email signature: Include your name, email, title, business name and website.
  17. If you believe this is useful, create a Twitter account and start engaging with potential customers.
  18. Invite influencers / bloggers to review and promote your business. 
  19. Offer coupons or special discounts to those who came to your business.
  20. Add social media sharing buttons on your website to make it easier for other to share.
  21. Ask questions, give answers. (This is a great Facebook post). This will allow you to interact with your followers and share your expertise.
  22. For B2B businesses, use LinkedIn groups to interact with professionals like you.
  23. Create connections on LinkedIn and introduce your self and your business. You don’t need to sell anything, just leave the message: “I am here, happy to help you”.
  24. Comment on popular blogs and include your website. So, if someone finds your comment helpful, they will likely click through to learn more about you.
  25. Volunteer at a local organization or a charity and get exposure through their website or event.
  26. Add testimonials to your website. This is a must. People trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their friends.
  27. Partner with non-competitive businesses and co-create a business or a service together.
  28. Constantly research your target group. With all the radical changes that take place daily, people’s preferences change as well, so you need to keep up with all the latest trends and adapt accordingly.
  29. Offer no-strings-attached free consulting to your customers. This marketing technique is called “reciprocity” and we love it. Offer something first, allow your customers to feel indebted to you.

Bonus Tip: Be genuine with your clients and they will undoubtedly come back!

We do understand that every business is different, so not any single tip will be applicable to your specific needs. Just take what you need out of this.

If you need specific marketing advices for your business, contact eproductions. We will be more than happy to help you!