Clients often ask us what exactly is "Ruby on Rails" and why to prefer it over PHP and the platforms Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress.

Ruby is a language just like PHP. It is pure object oriented but the syntax is so smart and easy that it needs far fewer lines of code to have the same results as the other languages​​.

What are the advantages of Ruby on Rails?

The advantages are many:

  • You have a smart and clean code.
  • The code is easily expandable. In much less time than other languages, ​​we can upgrade our client's website.
  • It is much easier and cost effective to maintain a website in Ruby on Rails.

And for our advanced audience....

Rails is a framework. It is nothing like Joomla or Wordpress, these are CMS - Content Management Systems.

Rails is a framework for web developers who will build a web app just like the customer wants. Rails uses the MVC architecture to be all properly structured (which has been copied by almost all other frameworks).

Rails provides multiple libraries to perform common tasks quicker. It also has a great community and very good documentation.

Many startups and many well-known services like Twitter, Groupon, Basecamp,, and others choose Rails.

In Greece, it’s still not as widespread as abroad but it’s rapidly gaining ground as a quick and flexible framework.

Elias Papadamos
Senior Ruby Developer @ eproductions