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Email Marketing: 39 Stats & Trends for 2020 [Infographic]

Are you struggling to achieve success with your email marketing campaigns? Want to refine your email strategy and avoid the most common mistakes? The Blue Oceans Group share the stats you need...

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The Illustrated History of Emojis

  Source: AppInstitute  

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Baby Boomer Travelers: What Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

For those working in the tourism and hospitality sector, older travelers are a key market, with more money to spend, more free time on their hands, and increased inclination to see new...

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Ways to Change Your Web Design to Boost Traffic

In the sphere of web design, site traffic makes the world go round. An effective site is a busy site, one which sees continual waves of visitors who then go on to become consumers. Conversion is...

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10 Web Design for 2020 [Infographic]

It's the start of a new decade, and now might be a good time to give your site an overhaul, and ensure that you're maximizing your engagement and interactive potential. Statistics show that 2 in...

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Clutch Names eproductions a Top Greek B2B Service Provider

Here at eproductions, we recognize it can be a hassle to juggle your business necessities with trying to create high impact solutions to help you get ahead of the competition. That’s why we’re...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines [Infographic]

With billions of emails being sent every day, getting your message to stand out is difficult, and you generally have to go that extra step to maximize email performance. That means tweaking and...

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How to Use Emojis and Symbols to Improve Your Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to make your business stand out online? Looking for ways to incorporate emojis into your marketing strategy? Campaign Monitor share their guide to emojis in marketing in...

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12 Key Instagram Updates from 2019 That You Need to Know

2019 has been a busy year for Instagram, with a range of updates and changes that have helped to advance and evolve the platform, and provide new opportunities for both users and...

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20 Amazing Facts About Facebook [Infographic]

Few companies have been as instrumental in the growth and development of social media as Facebook. From its rise to popularity out of a student dorm room, all the way to its purchases of rival...

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Study - Where Should You Place Your Instagram Hashtags

The Instagram marketing debate of hashtag placement of either in the caption or the first comment has been clarified with a recent study of nearly 650,000 Instagram posts over the past year...

Project grid eproductions blog website

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Business Accounts [Infographic]

Looking to get maximize your use of Instagram for business? With a billion users and counting, and with more business options on the way, it makes sense to give Instagram more consideration in...

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