Blogging is not easy. Nobody said it would be but it seems that many people out there don’t really realise it. In order to create a successful blog, you will need to write things that people love reading and if you’re just starting, getting people interested in your posts is no “walk in the park”. If you do get things going, you will now need to make sure you create a steady enough stream of quality content, that will keep your blog growing and get you the results your need.

And so, if you get the ball rolling, it’s only natural that you should also take your time to look over your writing, checking that what you are about to post is up to scratch. You can also use this time between finishing your post and publication, to add value to it. This “value” can – and in most cases, will – create the highest engagement with your readers and others searching for content like yours.

So, before posting your next article, study the following infographic, from sushi digital. It’s a great checklist of tips to remember before hitting that “Publish” button.

Key Questions:

  1. Do you have a strategy to promote your post?
  2. Have you added a photo, image, infographic, or video?
  3. Is your post social media friendly?
  4. Have you optimised your links?
  5. Can your content be used in other formats?

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